Creating future      
societal resilience

through innovative, science-based      
co-creation labs


Jan 2023

Project Kick-Off

The consortium is launching the project with a meeting in Brussels and set up the scene for an exciting journey together!


Mar 2023

Mapping of R&I research findings

Identification of relevant research results and tools that will build our Knowledge Base of solutions to prepare for future crisis and create resilience.


Nov 2023

Policy Roundtables

A key for the project success is the involvement of policymakers. We will invite them to join a roundtable and discuss the opportunities arising from the project!


Mar 2025

Policy Roundtables

The consortium will keep informing policymakers on the developments of the project. The last year, we will invite them to a roundtable to discuss on learning and exploitation plans of results.


Oct 2025

Official launch of Knowledge Base and Toolbox

As key product of the project, we will produce a Knowledge Base with research findings that contribute to design appropriate policy to foster resilience along with a toolbox of methods adapted to different stakeholders.


Dec 2025

Policy Roadmap

The consortium, guided by the Advisory Board, will elaborate a policy roadmap that will serve as guidance to develop new science-based, socially inclusive and gender responsive policy initiatives and solutions to foster resilience.


Jun 2023

Launch of an open call for 7 additional Labs

Our project is based on experimenting and testing relevant research findings. We will identify 7 pilot cases (public sector, business, industries, civil society, etc.) to join our project and create resilience in different key topics.


Oct 2023

Launch of first wave of Future Resilience Labs

We start our experimentation phase with three pilot cases: Murcia (Spain), Chios (Greece) and BAPEMED (Bulgaria).


Jan 2024

Launch of second wave of Future Resilience Labs

Seven pilot cases selected through the open call will start their activities, followed and steered by experts in the selected topics and guidance from our team of Foresight.


Jun 2024

Labs mutual learning activities

All pilot cases will meet to share their experiences and learning of implementing and designing solutions to create resilience.


Jan 2025

Showcasing Labs results

In the third year of the project, pilot cases will share their experience with wider public and disseminate their results in open webinars.


Jun 2025

Validation in Simulation Lab

The findings of the project will be validated in the Simulation Lab of the Risk and Crisis research centre at the Mid-Sweden University. Participants from all pilots will be invited to join this key task.